Monday, July 1

Historical: AES approved Big Star wins GP Aachen

What a week for AES, Billy Congo places second in the five star GP of Monaco and even beter: Nick Skelton wins the main GP of the year in Aachen on his AES approved stallion Big Star (Quick Star). To win the GP of Aachen, you have to come from another planet, just like Nick Skelton and Big Star. He was the only rider to jump both rounds and the jump-off without knocking a pole! Nick Skelton wins the Aachen GP for the fourth time, his last victory was exactly 25 years ago. Now he and Big Star will aim for the Rolex Grand Slam were a million euro's will be offered for the rider who wins the three GP’s in Aachen, Calgary and Geneva in the same year. If one horse can do it, it will be Big Star! Another AES approved stallion, Plot Blue jumped to third place in the Preis Nordrhein-Westfalen on Friday with Marcus Ehning. 

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